About Us
Our commitment to quality, value and customer needs is Jiarong's core value. Since our inception, our business and reputation have been built on the highest quality, most reliable products in the manufacturing industry. With our unwavering attention to detail and meeting OEM specifications, we strive to make our products a "perfect fit" for all applications in which our customers use our cylinders.
Our mission as a company is to be the brand and market leader in lock cylinders and related products of choice for aftermarket distributors and end users. We achieve this by providing high quality, cost-effective products along with reliable and consistent service, while bringing new and innovative product solutions to the market. To this end, we seek to work with customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders of the company in a respectful, honest and forthright manner.
JIARONG continues to expand our product offerings to provide required replacements for OEM products to meet customer needs. We continue to expand our small and large interchangeable core products to provide our customers with high quality alternatives to high priced OEM products.
We are committed to providing our customers with the best products, best value and best customer service in the industry so we can continue to be your "Perfect Fit" supplier.
What We Do
A professional production and processing company specializing in the production of various lock cylinder keys and CNC products.
Starting from customer needs, design, production, processing and a series of services
Master key system customization
Strong R&D team ensures that customer product details meet requirements
US lock cylinder customization
Customization of master key system under EU lock cylinder, customization of KEYWAY
EU lock cylinder customization
Our Equipment

High Precision CNC Machines and Die Casting Machines
Our Projects
Our Projects
Supporting master key systems for new buildings, large airports, and stations
Fast delivery of products, complete life testing device, and reassuring quality make the use more reassuring
Check out the latest new products
We have been the lock cylinder supplier of SCHLAGE for ten consecutive years
We will check each customer's order
Welcome to visit our factory!
Ready to be packed and shipped
Our company warmly welcomes new and old customers and abroad to visit the factory to inspect the scale of the factory, production lines, office environment, production product inventory, etc.
We have established a good cooperative relationship By the way, take a look at the operation status of the orders we are cooperating with.